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Snocross, an extreme sports e-book by Linda Aksomitis.

Snocross, an extreme sports e-book by Linda Aksomitis.

I started publishing e-books back in 2002, when they were less than 1% of the book market. One of those first e-books, Snowmobile Challenge, also came out in POD or print-on-demand technology, and got me in through the back door to traditional publishing when it was a finalist in the Saskatchewan Book Awards.

I spent the next decade in the traditional publishing world, where I landed book contracts with publishers in five different countries.

Now that e-books have come of age, I’m back where I always thought the future would be, out here in cyberspace!

You can find my e-books on Smashwords at: (I’ve even got a few free short ones up there!).

Some of my e-book titles are also in Amazon’s Kindle store:

My Smashwords titles are also distributed through iTunes, Barnes & Noble, the Kobo store, and others! The slideshow below includes titles currently available from Amazon for the Kindle.

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