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FREE Tools to Help You Create a Blog Banner or eBook Cover

Do you know what you want for your ebook cover or blog banner, but don’t have the tools you need? I find that software for special purposes often costs a little more than I’d like to invest–so, my first go-to place is the Web to see what’s out here for free. Here are some of the tools I’ve used that will help you create the perfect header or book cover.

WARNING: Ignoring These Book Sales Statistics Could Seriously Impact Your Writing Income

So, to put the Nov/2015 ebook sales analysis done by K-Lytics in earning perspective for authors, if you had a romance novel and a nonfiction law book that both hit #1 in the period above, and earned $1 per book for each sale, you’d earn $6245 a day for the novel and $52 a day for the law book. Quite a difference, isn’t it? But there are more starting stats!

Make Money with E-Books: Writing & Publishing in the Digital Age

The October 2015 Author Earnings Report indicates that 165,000 top selling e-books on Amazon rake in 70% of the total e-book $$$ sales–and Amazon itself has about 73% of the U.S. e-book market. Of all those books, about 43% are from indie authors and another 2% are from uncategorized single author publishers. In other words, self-publishing is good for authors!

Trends in Digital Publishing — Ebooks are Changing Publishing

Once, books were painstakingly copied by hand, then, in 1450 Gutenberg invented the printing press and revolutionized the publishing industry. Those first books were superbly crafted hardcovers, so it’s no wonder when dime store paperbacks appeared in the 1800s and 1900s that they were considered the trashy cousins of “real” books.