Longhorns and Outlaws Book Tour

Time’s a flying! Longhorns and Outlaws should arrive from the printer’s at the end of the week (September 12, 2008). Hurray! Can’t wait to see the finished book.

Last week I finished up the teachers’ guide and it’s available on the Outlaws Web site at www.outlawbooks4kids.com This coming week I hope to put up the 33 pages of the teacher’s guide all as individual links as well as the pdf.

September has been busy with finishing up the details for the Book Tour – still more to do yet, though. I’ve confirmed with all of the Alberta schools for the week of September 22 to 25, and the six public libraries in Alberta and Saskatchewan where I’ll be having public launches. Coteau Books created some awesome posters for the libraries to help spread the word.

As time nears there are a few final details to take care of:
* Press releases to newspapers in all the communities where there will be launches, whether at schools or public libraries.
* Local book stores to contact.
* Hotel accommodations to arrange.

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