Longhorns & Outlaws Book Tour – Charlie Killam School

Charlie Killam
Charlie Killam School.

Day 4, Thursday, September 25, 2008, on the Longhorns and Outlaws Alberta Book Tour!

It had only taken me an hour to get from Ponoka to Camrose the afternoon before, so I settled into the

Thursday morning started easily enough, with what Google maps declared was a seven minute drive to Charlie Killam School &#8212 even though I could see left and right turns were somewhat mixed up! A left turn onto the highway from the motel would have taken me back to Ponoka, not into Camrose.

Hope Heck showed me to the enormous school library with its dozens of computers and balcony area for the fiction collection. We were set up in no time at all with the Powerpoint show and middle years kids streaming in for the first presentation.

My morning, however, wasn’t quite as organized as that of the staff and students at Charlie Killam School! While it should have been simple to follow period changes, my perception of time was out-of-kilter. I finished the presentation for the first group fifteen minutes ahead of schedule, so they got to view slides of some of my travel writing adventures around the world and see things like an Eastern toilet and headhunters dancing in Borneo. Their enthusiasm was wonderful!

The second group I owe a debt a gratitude, for their keen interest and patience staying with me well into their noon hour! Luckily for the grade 7 class, who’d spent their Language Arts period with me, Hope Heck returned to take me off for lunch. The meal was amazing and put me on track for the afternoon. We went to the Lefse House where I had the Swedish meatballs and gravy, mashed potatoes, hardanger lefse and fruit soup (amazing &#8212 had a flavour similar to mincemeat). It even came with dessert, and I chose cream filled Krum Kake. Yum!

Then, I was off with Kathie Green (who’d chosen our lunch stop) from Chester Ronning School for the last school visit on the Longhorns and Outlaws Alberta tour.

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