Longhorns & Outlaws Book Tour – Chester Ronning School

Linda Aksomitis
Linda Aksomitis at Chester Ronning School

Day 4, Thursday afternoon, September 25, 2008, last school stop on the Longhorns and Outlaws Alberta Book Tour.

There’s no better way to navigate the streets of an unknown city than by staying close behind a local! I followed Kathie Green through the busy noon hour traffic of Camrose to Chester Ronning School.

Chester Ronning School, I discovered, has amazing architecture.

Following Kathie through the halls to the music room, where I was scheduled to present to the hundred students who’d be attending from grades 3 to 6, I kept stopping to stare at the walls and murals.

The music room was a perfect venue &#8212 my voice carried nicely and all of the students could easily see the slides while seated comfortably during my Powerpoint show.

As it turned out, Kathie and I had met years earlier, when she’d attended a library workshop I presented, which she told students when she introduced me. I received a warm welcome, and was soon flying through my tale of Longhorns and Outlaws, and Lucas Vogel’s adventures.

My young listeners were ready with questions at the end, so much so that a dozen hands waved in the air at once! Do you write your books on a computer or with a pen? How do you figure out what to put in that’s real history and what to make up? and many more excellent questions about how I’d written the book.

The questions continued without a stop for fifteen minutes until the buzzer called everyone to change classes. I felt sad as I thanked my last fabulous audience &#8212 the schools part of my Alberta Longhorns and Outlaws tour was over.

Of course, I still had to visit Kathie’s awesome library, and say hi to kids as they passed me again in the hallways. I’d take home lots of memories from Chester Ronning!

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