Longhorns & Outlaws Book Tour – Wainwright Public Library

Day 4, September 25, 2008, final stop on the Longhorns and Outlaws Alberta Book Tour.

Wainwright Public Library
Wainwright Public Library

My day in Camrose had been somewhat topsy-turvy using Google maps &#8212 left or right when I reached the main thoroughfare? Left first. That seemed wrong. Right second. That seemed more wrong. Well, for try number three I took the truck route around the city and gave up on ever finding Highway #26, which had presumably been just 2.8 km one direction &#8212 or the other &#8212 down the road.

Then, voila, miles and miles later, I reached the highway and began the final trek from Camrose to Wainwright. It seemed to take a LOT longer than the hour and 51 minutes Google maps had promised, and I was soon looking for a gas station! One appeared soon enough, and I had a great visit with the elderly owner who came out to show me how to get the pump started, and enjoyed some fabulous fall sunshine.

Check-in took no time at all at the R & R Inn, so I had time to relax before supper and my launch at the Wainwright Public Library.

Lynn Grocock, head Librarian, met me and showed me around the lovely facility. As might be expected, I set up on the lower level in the beautiful children’s department.

(photo from the Wainwright Public Library collection)

I was pleased to have a dozen people appear right on the dot of 7 p.m., even one young future writer who was interested in Longhorns and Outlaws!

All of my presentations on the tour had been geared to talking about how authentic your material is when you write from experience &#8212 and how a writer does a lot more than sit at a computer and type. So, while I didn’t have the powerpoint to keep me on track, I took the same approach with the launch.

Question period gave me an opportunity to share my writer’s story with everyone, and we talked about how to get published and even where to get published. My advice is simple:

  • Write what you know!
  • Read, read, and read in the area you want to publish.
  • Study publishers’ lines carefully, so you really know where your work might make a good fit.
  • Write, write, and keep on writing!

Of course I also shared my own experiences with the power of the Internet to help get established. I share lots of tips on that in my course, Introduction to Internet Writing Markets that I teach online.

And so, with the friendly welcoming launch from Lynn Grocock and local people, my Alberta book tour came to a close. Would I do it again? You bet!

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