Too Busy for Words!

All right, I’m never out of words, but I have been to busy to blog these past two months.

Linda Aksomitis in Switzerland
Linda Aksomitis at Harderkulm, with the city of Interlaken nestled below in the valley, and the Alps mountains in the distance.

Switzerland was amazing (more on that in another post), but I must say that I’ve lost the very last bits of my fear of heights in the Alps. It’s an incredible experience to look thousands of feet down the mountain with your eyes wide open–one I never expected to have!

When I returned from Switzerland, it was time to get right back to work. Teaching classes four nights a week using Elluminate Live has taken some getting used to–previously, I’ve only done either two or three nights, but since I’m teaching the Business Administration Certificate program  as well as the Library Technician Certificate (and soon to be Diploma) program, I’m full time with Credenda Virtual College this year.

So now, here I am, eight very busy weeks later, ready to give final exams and midterms to students and setting off on a wonderful 10 day tour of Saskatchewan for Library Week and Education Week.

I left Qu’Appelle this morning for the 630 km drive to Meadow Lake, where the fun begins! Stay tuned for the highlights of the tour as I take L is for Land of Living Skies (still just in digital format, sadly, but should be in bookstores within the month!) around the province.

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