L is for Land of Living Skies: A Saskatchewan Alphabet Has Arrived

It was a long wait–but well worth it! L is for Land of Living Skies: A Saskatchewan Alphabet arrived this week and will hit bookstores next week. I love the illustrations and can’t thank Lorna Bennett, my illustrator, enough for all of the hard work she put into getting them just right.

So what’s inside the book? Well, all the letters of the alphabet, of course. They take readers on a tour through Saskatchewan’s past and present with poetry, information boxes and illustrations.

L is for Land of Living Skies: A Saskatchewan Alphabet by Linda Aksomitis

L is for Land of Living Skies is rich with the creative talents of many more people than myself! I workshopped my first draft of letter meanings with my writing group, the Children’s Writers’ Round Robin nearly two years ago. While I’d travelled Saskatchewan for more than three decades, first as a travelling saleslady, then as a library consultant and finally as a travel writer, there were still things I hadn’t discovered that were suggested. Taking their ideas and suggestions, I generated the final list, which was approved by my wonderful editor at Sleeping Bear Press, Amy Lennox.

After much discussion, Lorna Bennett, from our neighbouring province, Alberta, was selected to do the illustrations. It was awesome to collaborate with her and provide her with photos she needed from around Saskatchewan. Where I had no ideas, she always managed to come up with something creative, like the worker in U is for Uranium and the kids looking at the clock in Z is for Zone. The editorial team at Sleeping Bear Press were always present and supportive, offering guidance and assistance to bring it all together.

And finally, Sleeping Bear Press’s graphic designers pulled it all together in a book that’s colourful and full of  life and energy from this place I call home, Saskatchewan.

Thanks so much everyone!

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