L is for Land of Living Skies: A Saskatchewan Alphabet by Linda Aksomitis

Authors often say writing a book is like having a child–if that’s true, then waiting for book reviews after the book is published is like waiting for a report card! How well did your progeny do? Pass or fail? A+ or getting by with Cs and Ds?  Teacher’s pet or the one in the corner that nobody seems to notice.

Well, the first review from the professional publications for L is for Land of Living Skies is now in and it’s a 4-star rating! I never even hoped–out loud anyway–for such an awesome write-up as Saskatoon journalist, Linda Wood, gave it for CM (Canadian Materials). You can read it at: http://umanitoba.ca/cm/vol17/no41/lisforlandoflivingskies.html

I also discovered a great independent book review online at:


I was also thrilled to learn that L is for Land of Living Skies has been shortlisted for the High Plains Book Awards: http://ci.billings.mt.us/index.aspx?NID=1180

My wonderful publisher, Sleeping Bear, has prepared an excellent teacher’s guide that’s free for download at: https://sleepingbearpress.com/teaching_guides