Snowmobile Racing Novel–Snocross–Released on Kindle

Snocross was released January 4, 2012, exclusively through Amazon. Why? To have it enrolled in the Amazon Prime Kindle library, where Amazon Prime members can borrow an ebook free each month.

I’ve been working on Snocross for a number of years, finally making the decision to go exclusively digital this winter with the rising wave of e-books. The story is set in November of 2005, at the 2005-2006 season opener in Duluth of the now defunct WPSA racing association. I’ve also included a few photos in the book that I took that weekend.

Snocross is a hi/lo young adult novel, making it a fast paced read for anyone interested in snocross racing. The novel starts with Shawn Riggs, the main character, practicing for the upcoming national event–his first–with a hangover. It’s not that Shawn’s really into drinking, but it seems the popular kids at his new high school are and he really wants to fit in.

Jacqui DeVille is Shawn’s competition on the racetrack, and much to his dismay, it turns out that not only is she headed to the big weekend event in Duluth, but his dad has agreed to pick up her sled in Winnipeg. Then the local football jock, Cole, whose dad is his step-mom’s boss, also ends up coming along. As if Shawn wasn’t nervous enough without all the additional stress.

This snowmobile racing story takes readers through a weekend of fast corners, high jumps, and adrenaline rushes for everyone!

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