New Course in Development

Snocross, by Linda Aksomitis.
Snocross, by Linda Aksomitis.

Here it is, winter break–nearly the end of February–and still no snow to speak of on the prairies. It’s a dismal year that doesn’t see us covered in a thick blanket of the white stuff so we can go out and snowmobile until we’re tired and ready for spring.

That said, I’m busy developing a new course on how to publish and sell your own e-books, which will be carried worldwide online through the community college network (also direct registration for those with no local college) this fall. I love developing instructional materials and I love e-books, so this is a great way to pull it all together. Of course, it’s also giving me additional incentive to get my out-of-print and a few never-in-print books that are languishing on my hard drive out into cyberspace!

The e-book publishing course will join my existing course, Introduction to Internet Writing Markets, which just had its 10th anniversary (and 5th complete rewrite–gosh, things don’t stay the same long out here!).

But back to e-books, Snocross, the ebook YA easy-read that I brought out at the end of December has been a Kindle best seller in the areas of winter sports and extreme sports almost steadily since its release, plus on-and-off on the extreme sports general booklist! I’ve been very pleased with the response! Snowmobile Challenge, an e-book re-release of my 2003 award winning YA novel, has also had steady interest.

Cover of The Rose, a free e-book by Linda Aksomitis
Cover of The Rose, a free e-book by Linda Aksomitis

Currently, I’ve listed the short-short e-book, Tales of a Traveling Saleslady: The Cage, free on Smashwords, to launch the Traveling Saleslady reprints–there are seven stories, with the next one, Tales of a Traveling Saleslady: The Rose, to be released next week.

Anyway, 2012 is full of exciting things here in e-book land, even if there’s no snow in the f2f one to make life exciting!

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