Hijacked and Rebuilding

Having your blog hijacked once is frustrating, twice is aggravating, three times is maddening, and four times is just plain $@!*&%$#$!

Linda Aksomitis fishing
Linda Aksomitis fishing in Manitoba.

So, here I am, with SiteLock installed for my sanity and your security–guaranteed no malware or threats now. Thank goodness!

However, somewhere along the line a lot of the “goods” from this site disappeared with the hijackers. Unfortunately, the export back-up I used to restore my posts didn’t archive any of the images. Those, I’ll have to re-add manually. So, please accept my apologies for the mess around here. Summer holidays are just around the corner and I’ll look for an updated theme (that didn’t survive the ordeal either) and liven things back up.

In the meantime, keep safe.


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