Snowmobile Challenge

Snowmobile Challenge, a novel by Linda Aksomitis.

Who’s buying e-books? Well, almost everyone, although statistics show one of the slowest climbs is in the children’s and young adult market.

There’s good news though, as a March 28 report from the Association of American Publishers said that January/12 sales hit $22.6 million books for this market, compared to 3.9 million sold in January/11. Percent-wise, that’s nearly a 600% increase, which is very good news for those who write for younger readers.

Of course, the amazing Hunger Games series that sold hundreds of thousands of e-book editions likely helped the growth. Getting to the movie is high on my list of summer activities, that’s for sure!


I’m excited about the growth and look for even bigger climbs as more and more titles become available in e-book format for younger readers.