The Value of a Writing Community

This morning I had breakfast with three members of my writers’ group–it’s something I look forward to each and every month. Our Breakfast Club. Our favorite spot is Melrose Place, and our usual waitress, who is excellent, is Ashley.

We first started meeting because writing for most of us is a solitary pursuit. I’m not sure I’d even like writing as part of a team, like the writers who create scripts for a television series. I’m sure there are some rewards, certainly as a fan of various shows I can see the layers of meaning that would either take half a dozen edits or half a dozen eyes while it’s coming together.

For me, the value of my writing community is the support I have on a day-to-day basis. That pep talk when I get a so-so review. That word of encouragement when I present a new idea. That question that makes me look critically at my work. And nothing beats the satisfaction of helping a friend in need and being there for them.

We’re called the “Robins” and live online at:

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