Holidays are here–time for my 30-Day Web Staycation!

Linda Aksomitis in Budapest, Hungary.
Linda Aksomitis in Budapest, Hungary, in July 2009.

Happy Canada Day! I get a double celebration as it’s also the beginning of summer holidays. When I was a kid I used to think they lasted forever, now, I blink and they’re done. That could be because I’m the proverbial kid in the candy store who wants to do everything.

I usually take my biggest trips over the summer months–last year it was the Yukon, the year before, Switzerland, and the year before that, Hungary. Well…you get the picture.

This year, 2012, I’ve come up with a different plan. I’ll get away locally a bit and do a few day trips taking my parents and grandson to some Saskatchewan attractions we haven’t seen. There are many, some of which are included in my book: L is for Land of Living Skies – A Saskatchewan Alphabet.

The other thing I usually do over my 6-7 weeks of summer vacation is write the first draft of a novel, or do a full revision to an existing draft. I like the dedicated period of time to full immerse myself in a time and story.

My parents and grandson on holidays in 2010 at the Cypress Hills winery
My parents and grandson on holidays in 2010 at the Cypress Hills winery –

So this year I’m going to combine these two activities with a twist and do a 30-day Web staycation on my travel blog at:

So, my Web staycation will replace the far-off destinations and the novel writing by a planned 30 day Web staycation. Starting on Monday, July 2, I’ll be blogging previously untold stories from my travels around the world, playing with various types of storytelling multimedia to enhance the tales and images. I’ll post Monday through Friday for six weeks.

Should be fun, shouldn’t it, especially as I can take along anybody who wants to join me. If you click on over to on Monday you can jump off Whistler Mountain in British Columbia — it’ll take your breath away!

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