July Rocks

July rocks in more ways than one! Not only are the courses I’m teaching on summer holidays, but I’ve been able to fit some great music into my summer schedule.

I attended an excellent Nazareth concert at Casino Regina on Thursday, July 19. It was our first trip to the venue, even though the show lounge has been around for a number of years. We’d always heard rave reviews about the sound quality, and after visiting couldn’t agree more.

Nazareth in concert at the Casino Regina Show Lounge in Regina, SK.
Nazareth in concert at the Casino Regina Show Lounge in Regina, SK.

Nazareth, while they’ve been around for more than 40 years–they formed back in 1968–still rock! The concert opened with a local DJ narrating his first experience with their songs, the well-known title, Hair of the Dog (more commonly known as Son of A …) that he sang as loudly as possible until his mother cramped his style with a mighty slap. There were, however, no moms handing out reprimands as the audience joined lead singer, Dan McCafferty, who called out for ever louder repeats of the offending chorus.

We were treated to many of their best known songs including Love Hurts, one of their greatest hits, and This Flight Tonight, which they got from Joni Mitchell. Mitchell, of course, was born and grew up in Saskatchewan, so the song had a “local” connection for the Regina fans.

Kaotic Justice - a local band out of Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan.
Kaotic Justice – a local band out of Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan.

The week before, we’d gone to the McLean annual sports day to see friends play in their new band–Kaotic Justice–at a performance at the McLean Motor Hotel.

They were great, as my tired feet can attest. I danced most of the night, enjoying the rock music that spanned a number of decades. The mix was excellent, giving us a good sampling of the band’s skills. I know I’ll be seeing them again at more venues!

And well, beyond going out, I’ve been working diligently on my 2012 Summer Staycation articles for my travel site, guide2travel.ca.

Just a week left of July, and then the August long weekend and more fun to come!




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