Launch of new course – Publish and Sell Your E-Books

 The Rose, a free short e-book by Linda Aksomitis.
The Rose, a free short e-book by Linda Aksomitis. Available for download at:

It’s done! My new course, Publish and Sell Your E-Books, has been released through community colleges around the world! It’s almost as exciting as…well…I can’t think of anything that’s more exciting.

It’s taken a year in development, from initial idea through all of the amazing multimedia my course developer created for Publish and Sell Your E-Books, to get to launch day (which was actually yesterday, October 9).

E-books are, to use a somewhat aged expression, the hottest thing since sliced bread (and yes, I really remember when getting store-bought sliced bread was exciting).

While it’s a month-by-month race to see how e-book sales fare against hardcover and paperback sales (they often win!), today’s news in the Calgary Harold indicates that BookNet Canada has released statistics showing that e-book sales now make up 16.3% of overall book sales in Canada.

Add this to the growing number of e-books making The New York Times best seller lists (never mind the whole idea that e-books, even self-published ones, are even on the list at all!), and there’s no denying that today’s writers are at the best time in history to jump in and make their own big publishing break by self-publishing an e-book.

The course should fill a need right now for self-publishers around the world, as the lessons take writers from the final checks to make sure their books are ready to publish, through all of the business decisions such as where to list their books and whether or not to use aggregators.

In between the course covers the technical stuff, step-by-step, using Microsoft Word and various types of open source, free software. (Writers could also use the free word processing software, Open Office, but the screen captures and videos are on Word). And, for those who would rather leave the techie stuff to someone else, it provides information about the numerous options available and some guidelines to help in selecting just the “right” service.

No matter where in the world writers live, the course has the information they need to get involved in e-publishing!

If you have a book that’s been languishing on your computer, do check out the course, Publish and Sell Your E-Books, at:

The course syllabus/outline of each lesson’s content is available on the tab beside the Course Detail tab that’s highlighted in blue at the top of the information box when you land on the page. Links at the bottom of the page allow you to search for a Community College near you or to register directly online.

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