What’s the E-Book Market Share?

E-books shook the publishing world like an F-1 race car accelerating from 0 to 60 in just 1.6 seconds. That’s fast–and ebooks have climbed even faster.

I started publishing e-books way back when nobody had any idea what I was referring to when I said ebook–and for the greater part, they didn’t really care.

Here’s a flash from the past with those early days in my publishing career. This is my homepage from 2001, with A Gopher Gulch Red Riding Hood, one of my earliest e-books, on the landing page for my site.

Homepage of Linda Aksomits
Homepage of Linda Aksomits – 2001, with the e-cover of A Gopher Gulch Red Riding on the landing page.

I didn’t stay long in ebooks back then, rather I used the titles to sneak in the back door of traditional publishing. That’s what many authors hope to do these days, and some do accomplish, such as Bella Andre and Amanda Hocking.

In retrospect, maybe if I’d had a little patience, today I might be a millionaire like Andre and Hocking!

E-books, in fact, eventually made a meteoric climb from way less than 1% when I was first publishing them up to a very healthy share of today’s marketplace. Check out this video for the latest e-publishing statistics–you may surprised:

Remember, if you have a book manuscript that’s just sitting on your computer getting dusty, I can help you self-publish and sell it. Click here for more details: http://bit.ly/QffYQB

My personal publishing plan is e-books all the way. I like making all the publishing decisions and earning all the royalties!

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