Write Effective Web Content — New Online Course Launching Wednesday

Write Effective Web Content
Write Effective Web Content

I’ve been writing for the Web for nearly two decades–and as you might imagine, I’ve learned a lot in that time! So, I’ve developed a new course with Ed2Go called, Write Effective Web Content.

This course is offered at over 4000 community colleges around the world, along with my other two courses, Publish and Sell Your E-Books, and Introduction to Internet Writing Markets. A new section starts on Wednesday, July 16, and runs completely online for 6 weeks.

The course is built around three goals for developing Web content:

  • Create content that meets the wants and needs of Internet users, while developing relationships with them
  • Create content that is search-engine friendly and gets improved rankings
  • Create content that meets your needs–whether you’re selling products, such as books; running a monetized content site; blogging for fun (and a little profit!); promoting your brick-and-mortar business; or any other reason you’re on the Web

There are 12 lessons in the course, all outlined in the course syllabus tab at: Write Effective Web Content.

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a question in the comments area below.

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