How Much Money Can You Make From a Blog Post?

How much money can you make from a blog post? The answer, of course is that it depends.

How much money can you make from a single blog post?
How much money can you make from a single blog post?

Pauline Cabrera, from, says she made $21,000+ in just two years with a single blog post that outlined the new dimensions for Twitter’s updated header. I found Paula because that webpage came up in the #1 spot on Google. The article stood out because it provided details on which parts of the image would be visible and which would be invisible — something I was struggling with since Twitter’s instructions leave out that bit of information.

And, to make my visit to Twelveskip even more useful, Paula provided a free template through an email sign-up sheet. I grabbed it and voila, turned a frustrating afternoon into fun creating a free graphic with Canva.

In addition to the template, Paula also put together all of her tips for how to make money blogging into a free PDF ebook that explains how she got from basic blog post to $21,000!

You can find it free on her website if you sign up:

So how do you make money from a blog post?

Paula’s book does a great job of pulling together a lot of simple steps on how to make money from a blog post. I found her comment, “People go crazy for content that is a legitimate solution to their problem,” to be particularly on target. After all, that’s what got me to her Web page in the first place.

I had a question and she had an answer.

So, Paula’s first step to making money blogging is: It’s useful.

In fact, you could say that content marketing is all about providing content that’s useful, or meets the needs of the readers you want to attract. Well, that and delivers content in a way they want to get it. With trends increasingly pointing towards the use of livestreaming, mobile videos, and interactive content, you have to know your reader a lot better these days.

There’s a catch here though.

What’s that?

Well, there’s lots of good–maybe even great–content on the Web, so to make money blogging, your content has to be easy to find. That includes everything from understanding SEO, so you get some great SERP (Search Engine Results Page) placements, to social media.

Today, it’s all one package. That’s where content marketing comes in.

Well Designed Content is the Key Requirement to Make Money From a Blog Post

Before the Web, the term content didn’t apply to our information sources. We had newspapers, magazines, radio, tv, well, all sorts of media. And quality was defined by things like how writing flowed, clarity of voice, and if the acting and directing were good or not.

Nowadays, however, Web content mixes it all together like a great tossed salad. You’ll find good Web content has three basic requirements:

  • Meet the user needs
  • Fulfill the creator’s purpose
  • Be search engine friendly

A short while ago I had a student in my course, Introduction to Internet Writing Markets, who was trying to market a book he’d published after taking Publish and Sell Your Ebooks. His focus was on his blog–which is a good starting point.

However, when I popped over to take a peak, it was easy to see why he wasn’t making any sales.

The blog was all about him and the book. He’d missed Paula’s Step 1, It’s Useful, and my first requirement to meet the user’s needs. Nobody needs to be told to buy a book you’ve written — that’s your purpose, not theirs.

So, if you want to make money from a blog post, turn the focus outward and welcome the readers (and search engines with those SEO techniques) in by sharing what you know. Check out Paula’s book to learn about the various income streams she developed to earn that $21,000.

If you’ve read Paula’s book let us know what you thought in the comments! And if you’d like to know more about how to write better blog content, join me in the next session of my online class, Write Effective Web Content.


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