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Linda Aksomitis has a Masters degree in Vocational/Technical Education from the University of Regina with a major in English, and education major as a teacher-librarian. She did her thesis work in online education. Currently, she's employed by Saskatchewan Polytechnic as an Instructional Designer, putting her writing and Web development skills together with her education and experience as an adult educator. She shares her publishing experience with writers through the three courses she teaches online for community colleges and libraries around the world. She's the internationally published award winning author of 30+ books, including e-books in both fiction and nonfiction genres for preschoolers to adults. Her books are published in five countries. She's also an international speaker, having delivered sessions on ebook publishing in Canada, the U.S., Sweden, and the Philippines, as well as many additional workshops across Canada. Linda is a professional travel writer, photographer, and influencer, publishing the online travel magazine/blog, Her travel writing includes three print travel guides in the Backroads Mapbooks series, plus hundreds of articles in various journals, magazines, and newspapers, and her work can be found across the Internet.

How to start your own print online bookstore for free!

There are lots of reasons to start your own online bookstore. You may be self-publishing in print on demand or POD, so that you have copies of your books for sale. Or, you may have a publisher who has gone bankrupt or closed its doors, so you’ve purchased boxes of books that you’d like to sell. Or, you may have purchased author copies somewhere along the line that you’d like to sell and get out of your basement.

I’ve had all of these experiences. 

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Red Riding Hood: First eBook in the Magic Forest Beginner Reader Series

An article in The Telegraph declares, “Fairy tales allow kids a safe place to explore the idea that life isn’t always easy, that things can go wrong, and people don’t always have your best interests at heart. At the same time, as the “good” characters are usually rewarded at the end, it’s a way of reinforcing positively the importance of being kind, thoughtful and true.”

As a teacher-librarian, I couldn’t agree more, which is why I’ve started retelling my favorite fairy tales and fables and legends in language for beginner readers, and publishing them in ebook form. And this week, the first fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, is free to download on Amazon around the world.

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Publish & Sell Your Ebooks: Course Updates for 2020

The course, Publish and Sell Your E-Books, was launched in 2011, through libraries and community colleges around the world. In that time, it has helped thousands of authors get their first ebooks into ebookstores. Many authors, who have already published ebooks, join the course to learn more about the “sell” part of self publishing, and how to do a better job of marketing their ebooks. Continue reading Publish & Sell Your Ebooks: Course Updates for 2020

How to Read Free eBooks on Amazon

Whether you’re checking out the marketplace to publish your own books, or looking for great reads at a low price, knowing how to access and download the top 100 free ebooks on Amazon is important.

If you’re publishing your own ebooks, you may know that book sellers can’t actually list books for free or at $0.00 dollars in the Kindle store. However, publishers using KDP Select can decide to give their books away for free five days out each 90 day period. Continue reading How to Read Free eBooks on Amazon

What Ebook Category Increased Sales the Most During the Pandemic?

It’s no surprise that ebook sales have increased during the worldwide pandemic shut downs from mid-March to mid-May of 2020.  In response to closures, many e-retailers  stepped in to make sure readers had lots (even free) to choose from, including Apple (for iPhone and iPad), Scribd (digital library), Kobo, and even Sesame Street. Libraries that had to close their doors came up with various ways to make sure their e-collections could reach regular patrons and attract new ones. Continue reading What Ebook Category Increased Sales the Most During the Pandemic?