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8 Secrets to Making a Successful Panel Presentation

So you’ve been asked to present on a panel and you’re not sure what that entails. What should you pack into your approximately 15 or 20 minutes (depending on how many people are on the panel)? What’s the secret to making a successful panel presentation? Continue reading 8 Secrets to Making a Successful Panel Presentation

First Day of the Virtual Literacy Day Conference

Whew! The first day of our virtual Literacy Day Conference was absolutely incredibly amazing! Yes, that’s a lot of adjectives for a professional writer to be tossing around, but hey, it really was a day to write in the history books.

Why, you ask? What could possibly be that exciting to a seasoned conference organizer and presenter? Well, the fact that my session this morning had 1115 students participating from 55 schools across Saskatchewan is what made it a day to remember. It was full of energy and enthusiasm — and not just all mine. Continue reading First Day of the Virtual Literacy Day Conference

Christmas Book Signing at Book-&-Brier Patch

Book signings are a wonderful opportunity to meet your readers and help parents get special gifts for their kids. The Christmas book signing event I participated in at the Book & Brier Patch in Regina, Sask, on December 13th, 2008 was great fun! It served as the launch for my latest nonfiction book, Sports Champions too!

One of the most interesting parts of the Book Signing at the Book & Brier Patch was sharing it with fellow writers: Alison Lohans and Judith Silverthorne, whom I meet monthly at a “Breakfast Club.” I also met three other writers launching their first books, published through Your Nickel’s Worth in Regina: Warren James, Jean Freeman, and Mercedes Montgomery.

Back row, left to right: Judith Silverthorne, Warren James, and Mercedes Montgomery.
Front row, left to right: Alison Lohans, Linda Aksomitis, and Jean Freeman.

So, what happens at a book launch? Well, with bookstore hosts as great to work with as the Book & Brier Patch — lots! The store had ample area to set up and display the books of all six of us writers, so we could autograph books for Christmas gifts. As Regina’s number one independent book seller, it’s sure a busy place during the holiday season.

When the afternoon finished I added copies of Longhorns and Outlaws and Run to the Santas Anonymous bin at the Book & Brier Patch. Sharing the gift of reading is something I value not only at the holiday season, but all through the year.