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E-Book Publishing Copyright Questions

The Cage - a story by Linda Aksomitis
The Cage – a story by Linda Aksomitis. Download a free e-book copy at

E-Publishing opens the doors for writers from all around the world to get their stories into the hands of readers–I love helping them do this with my online course, Publish and Sell Your E-Books, which is taught at 3000+ community colleges around the world. Continue reading E-Book Publishing Copyright Questions

Snowmobile Racing Novel–Snocross–Released on Kindle

Snocross was released January 4, 2012, exclusively through Amazon. Why? To have it enrolled in the Amazon Prime Kindle library, where Amazon Prime members can borrow an ebook free each month.

I’ve been working on Snocross for a number of years, finally making the decision to go exclusively digital this winter with the rising wave of e-books. The story is set in November of 2005, at the 2005-2006 season opener in Duluth of the now defunct WPSA racing association. I’ve also included a few photos in the book that I took that weekend. Continue reading Snowmobile Racing Novel–Snocross–Released on Kindle