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Me and Steel Magnolias–The Movie

I love magnolia trees–the thick, shiny leaves of the towering trees seem more perfect than the waxed leaves in a store display, and the delicate white petals of the flower have a tantalizing fragrance I’ve never found anywhere else. But what I love most about the magnolia is that it’s synonymous with the deep south (even though it does grow in other places), an area that holds an intrigue for me that goes far beyond Gone With the Wind. Continue reading Me and Steel Magnolias–The Movie

Strawberry Time

This morning we picked strawberries, my grandson and I, hats pulled down over our eyes to block the sun and loose shirts flapping in the breeze.

Summer is strawberry time, even if times are different these days. It took us less than half an hour to fill our pails with plump red berries, picking through the green ones in search of ripe ones. “We need more heat,” I told my sister-in-law, owner of the Ol Mill Berrries where we were, at least that’s the magic ripener of berries that I remember from childhood. Continue reading Strawberry Time