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5 Reasons Every Author Should Experience an Ocean Cruise Ship

Over 20 million passengers around the world take a cruise every year! That may sound like a lot of people until you find out it’s only half the number of people who visit Las Vegas annually. And yes, Las Vegas is a must-do, but I also believe that everyone should take a cruise at least once in life, especially authors. Why? Here are five reasons. Continue reading 5 Reasons Every Author Should Experience an Ocean Cruise Ship

Keep Your Track On the Snow

It’s January 2013–despite years of build-up with the Mayan prophecy that many indicated would mean the end of the world on December 21, we’re still here. For those trying to predict the end, perhaps it will come from climate change after all. As a writer, I find it intriguing to study the science and consider the possibilities–and there are many–now for the time to write the book! Continue reading Keep Your Track On the Snow

I Danced in the Morning

Summers are usually a time for relaxing and having fun, but this summer has had more than its fair share of funerals in our town.

This morning the first hymn was one of my favorites, ““I Danced in the Morning” or Lord of the Dance, written not-so-long-ago by Sydney Carter in 1967. I remember that year–it was Expo ’67–Canada was celebrating its 100th birthday. Lester B. Pearson, who I vaguely remember, was premier, and Mr. Bolton, who I’ve daydreamed about over the years, was my ninth grade teacher. Continue reading I Danced in the Morning