Pictures, a story of a young boy's encounter with a Sasquatch, by Linda Aksomitis.
Pictures, a story of a young boy’s encounter with a Sasquatch, by Linda Aksomitis.

The novel, Pictures, is part of the Nitty Gritty Novels, Series I, published by Pearson New Zealand Ltd and distributed around the world by Pearson Education. An adventure novel suitable for readers of 8 – 12, the story is set in northern Saskatchewan at a resort I’ve stayed at frequently:

About Pictures:

Sam Christos has been helping his grandpa take pictures since he was old enough to carry the camera gear. A family holiday in Saskatchewan was going to be his big chance to show Grandpa what a great nature photographer he could be. But his grandpa has been taken ill and Sam has to take the photos on his own.

Suddenly, his lens picks up what looks like a gigantic shadowy creature. But, just as he is about to press the button to take a picture, a girl jumps into the shot and it’s ruined. Can he shake her off and track down the mysterious creature again? Will he take a picture that makes Grandpa proud?

It started like a baby’s cry then built into a howl of anguish. Was it an animal? Should he try to take its picture? Would he be able to take its picture? The horrifying sound came again, closer this time, as if the animal were moving. And then there it was &#8212 the creature!

The following slideshow consists of photos of the Land of the Loon Resort that I’ve taken, so you can see where Sam’s adventure takes place!

3 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. Hello Linda. While doing genealogy I found part of your book Adeline’s Dream at google books. What a wonderful read. I know your book is fiction but Adeline Mueller (the name whom I assume was taken from your husband’s grandmother) was my father’s godmother as well as his first cousin. Her father Adam was my grandfather Phillips older brother. Dad was born in Balgonie

    Best Regards
    Alethea (nee Miller)


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