Linda Aksomitis

Linda Aksomitis


  1. Richard Haywood

    Ms Aksomitis, it is certainly a pleasure to hear of someone in this town with ebook expertise. Jacksonville has always been a bane to the creative community, and slow to embrace its range of trends and disciplines.
    My name is Richard Haywood, a writer who has frantically searched locally for a service or individual to convert my 2007 Word novel to ebook.
    Thus far, I’ve been beguiled by the smiles of the forces of Fiverr, while trying to read competence and sincerity in the offers I’m confronted with.
    Never have I experienced such shoddiness. Ms Aksomitis, If you know of any individual or service that can format my novel to an ebook, please refer them to me.
    The name of the novel is “The Mysterious Antwan.” It has 347 pages, approximately 102,000 words.
    Your class is really needed in this area. I will enroll in it at some point, but now I’m occupied with getting my book on Amazon before December is over.
    Anyway, I’m glad that you’ve graced us with knowledge to meet this unprecedented boon in publishing.

    • Linda Aksomitis

      Congratulations on finishing your book, Richard! I can vouch for these editors who prepare books for Smashwords, as that technical standard is good for all formats:

      Or, if you want to learn more about publishing it yourself and/or formatting it, you’ll find my class online or through your community college or library.


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