Question: How do you pronounce your last name, Aksomitis?

Answer: Really, Aksomitis is not as hard as it looks written down! It is pronounced like this: The Akso sounds like oxo, as in oxo cubes; the mitis sounds like Midas as in Midas mufflers. So all together Aksomitis sounds like “oxomidas.”

Bill Demyen and family in early 1960s.
My four younger brothers and I with Dad, Bill Demyen (my mom is Nellie Demyen) — my sister isn’t born yet here. I’m about eight years old, the one with the long frizzy hair.

Question: At every school visit someone inevitably asks: How old are you?

Answer: My birthday is August 7th, and the year I was born: Bill Haley and the Comets recorded “Rock Around the Clock” in New York City; Hank Aaron hit his first major league home run; WHBQ In Memphis, Tennessee, became the first radio station to air an Elvis Presley record; and Marilyn Bell swam for 20 hours and 57 minutes under grueling conditions to become the first person to swim across Lake Ontario. See if you can figure out how old I am!

Question: Where did you grow up?

Answer: I grew up nine miles southeast of Qu’Appelle on the Qu’Appelle Appaloosa Ranch, and started school in Grassmere School, a one-room country school. In sixth grade, Grassmere closed and I took the school bus to town, so graduated from Qu’Appelle High School.

My first job after high school was at Wilson’s Supermarket in Qu’Appelle, then I moved to Regina for a year and work at O.K. Economy. After I married David Aksomitis, we lived on the the Aksomitis Family Ranch (situated 15 miles northwest of Qu’Appelle) until 1981, when we moved to Qu’Appelle, so our sons also graduated from school in Qu’Appelle.

Linda Aksomitis, U of R graduation in 2007 ion)
Linda Aksomitis, U of R graduation in 2007 (Master of Vocational/Technical Education)
Linda Aksomitis - Graduation from Qu'Appelle High School in 1971
Linda Aksomitis – Graduation from Qu’Appelle High School in 1971

Question:  Where do you live and who lives with you?

Answer: I live in the town of Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada, with my husband, David Aksomitis. We were married June 16, 1973, so have been married forever. I have three sons and three great daughters-in-law, and one grandson, who is old enough to vote already.

Question: What’s your favourite …?


Food — Dessert.
Colour — Blue.
Music genre — Rock.
Book genre — Science Fiction.
Holiday — Christmas.
Season — Fall.
TV shows — Big Sky, Prodigal Son, Lost in Space, and Motherland: Fort Salem. 

Question: What are those 45+ different things you’ve been paid to do?

Answer:  Stock clerk, Grocery Cashier, Furniture Upholsterer, Cake decorating, Meat market, Bakery, Head Cashier, Seamstress, Babysitter, Barrel racer, Journalist, Poet, Author, Storyteller, Editor, Snowmobile racer, Librarian, Teacher, Computer lab instructor, Network Administrator, Secretary, Teacher’s Aide, Special Education Assistant, Bookkeeper, Income tax Accountant, Carwash attendant, Web site designer, Online training developer, Home Party Sales, Marketing consultant, Travel writer, Bar maid, Waitress, Sewing consultant, Sales representative, Serger Sewing Machine mechanic, Video producer, Book Publisher, Importer/Exporter, Graphics designer, Lecturer, Motivational speaker, Barber, Data Entry clerk, Receptionist, Photographer,
Acquisitions Editor, Online Curriculum Developer, Instructional Designer.



Question: What’s your favourite trip you’ve been on?

Answer: I love visiting Lousiana, so that’s my favourite state. However, I’ve had some pretty awesome trips to other destinations, including my three weeks in Malaysia and Borneo, and the Trek Over the Top snowmobile ride from Tok, Alaska to Dawson City, Yukon, that David and I did together. In 2009, David and I visited Budapest, Hungary, which was a great trip for both of us as I have a Hungarian heritage and we attended an F-1 car race. In 2019 we took a cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii for my 65th birthday, which was awesome! 

Question: What are your hobbies?

Answer: I like to go for long walks all year round, although I skip them when it’s -40, and do exercises inside instead. Every night I sit in my hot tub for twenty minutes, which is wonderful before bedtime. Of course I read and read and read, because I love books and stories, as well as to keep up with market trends. I spend my winters snowmobiling with David, and my grandson, Jon.

Question: Is there one author or writer who has been particularly inspirational in your career?

Answer: I have been most inspired in my writing life by Harry Chapin (singer, songwriter, & performer), who I saw live in concert four times–and whose CDs are still my favourite concerts when I make a long road trip. I have also loved many books — check my blog for titles and authors.



Question: If you could change one thing you wanted to do, but didn’t, what would it be?

Answer: David and I would have found the $700 each to accompany the Sno Pro racers through the Scandinavian countries in 1975 on a two-week tour, attending the three snowmobile races.

David Aksomitis & Linda Aksomitis (2010) in the mountains of Quebec
David Aksomitis & Linda Aksomitis (2010) on a snowmobile trip in the mountains of Quebec, with the St. Lawrence River in the background.


Question: What is the most rewarding thing you’ve done in your career?

Answer: My career has spanned many different activities, many of which I never dreamed of doing! So, I guess publishing books for children, which I always wanted to do, has been the most rewarding.

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