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Do you dream of having a hot new release on Amazon? It may be easier than you think with Linda’s help! She was thrilled when the fourth title in her Magic Forest series of beginner reader books, The Rabbit and the Turtle (Tortoise and Hare), made #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list for the category, Children’s Books About Turtles. Books #2 and #3, The Lion and the Mouse and The Three Little Pigs, were also #1 Hot New Releases in their categories!

Want a hot new release of your own? Linda can help! Check under the heading (left or bottom), Take A Course With Linda, for links to her current courses available online through libraries (Gale courses), and community colleges around the world.

What’s New?

Latest release: The Turtle and the Hare (Tortoise and Rabbit) (ebook in the Magic Forest Beginner Reader series–free to read on Kindle Unlimited).

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Find some of Linda’s books from publishers who have closed, or who aren’t from North America, at Our Little Bookshop.

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The Turtle and the Rabbit (Tortoise and Hare) – Linda’s Latest Ebook

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