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What’s Selling in Kindle Ebooks for 2018 — And Just as Important — What’s Not!

According to this Author Earnings research, ebooks have 42% of the book market in the US, 34% in both the UK and Canada, and 28% in Australia. So much for the digital fatigue that buyers seemed to have in 2016!

Effective Words: Do Your Words Have the Strength of a Brick Wall or a Tissue?

Your writing will have the strength of a brick wall instead of a tissue when you use effective words. Check your language options on this infographic of 28 boring words.

How to Make Money Selling Romance Ebooks: 5 Things You May Not Know

Romance novels have been around since the time of the ancient Greeks, and with good reason. After all, as the old saying goes, love is what makes the world go round -- or, alternatively, as Franklin P. Jones said, "Love is what makes the ride worthwhile!" Many authors...

Worried About Making Writing Boring if it’s Easy?

You have 7 seconds to grab the attention of someone who lands on your content! Do you worry that your writing will lack style or sound childish when you make it easy to read? After all, the majority of surfers scan content, so they're looking for ideas and information...

Answers to Your Ebook Publishing Questions

Are you struggling with the decision to self-publish your book as an ebook or keep sending it out to traditional publishers who don't even acknowledge your submission? You're not alone. Hundreds of thousands of writers are taking ebook publishing into their own hands....

How to Write an Author Bio that Will Help You Sell More Books

Tips on how to write an author bio, including things to avoid, and instruction on doing market research on Amazon to improve sales.

Myth or Fact: Does Amazon Own My Ebook When I Publish On Kindle?

We’ve all heard rumors about e-publishing and having all of your rights stolen without payment. Sometimes these rumors are spread by someone malicious, and sometimes they’re spread by people who misinterpret agreements they’ve read online. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to figure out whether a rumor is a myth or a fact.

You CAN Build a Brand and Write About Lots of Things — Here’s How

How do you bring “I want to write about everything” to a manageable brand that you can package with a single website or blog and only one or two accounts with your favorite types of social media…The good thing is that when you’re building a brand you don’t have to label everything about what you do. That running shoe manufacturer comes up with new twists on design every time fashion and technology change. So can you.

Ebook Publishing Tips from 2016 TBEX Travel Writing Conferences

Find ebook publishing tips in the slideshows that Linda Aksomitis presented at all of the TBEX travel blogging conferences around the world in 2016. They cover topics from content marketing with ebooks to providing setup instructions for formatting an ebook.

5 Tested Things You May Not Be Doing That Are Guaranteed to Increase Your Blog Traffic

The thing is that the Web changes every day. While we used to talk SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, over and over as the be-all and end-all way to get those coveted readers to your blog, that’s not really how it works any longer. Sure, SEO is still important, because SEO friendly content generally contains lots of writing strategies that make your Web content work for readers. But the shocking conclusion I’ve just come to is that most successful blogs don’t rely on Google or Bing or Yahoo anymore to increase blog traffic. Instead, many blogs get 80% or more of their traffic through social media and other channels.

Insider Tips From 6 Magazine Editors on How to Query Articles

However, the most important takeaway for me from Pitluk’s presentation was something I’d already learned—that appearing in print publications establishes credibility. Even with the popularity of blogs and websites, magazine bylines and photo publications can really launch a writing career.

Writing Tips: Should You Rebrand Your Publishing or Refocus Your Writing Career?

Rebranding results in a full makeover just like the Rowdy Gang, Pemmican Pete, Pemmican Pearl, and the Heritage Fashion Show disappeared from the Queen City Ex. Refocusing, on the other hand, selects existing elements and puts a new spin on them.

Book Publishing Continues to Change–the Surprising Statistics from 2015 are Out

Okay, so print is really old news, as you can see from the infographic at the top of the page. However, there’s a twist to the on-going evolution of publishing. Author Earnings calls it the “the law of unintended consequences.” I call it awesome news for indie authors!
And you’re likely dying to know what happened.

How to Take Control of Your Writer’s Brand at Mid-Career

So let’s go through your “scrapbook” as a mid-career writer, especially if you’re just making that transition from traditional publishing to the Web. You may already have inventoried these things in a CV, or curriculum vitae, that you’ve included along with publisher submissions.

14 Travel Bloggers Share their Branding Secrets

Travel bloggers have different ideas on what they’ve done to set themselves apart–meet 14 travel bloggers who share their branding secrets. Travel writing and blogging is an enormous field–Google brings up 399,000,000 results for the term “travel blog” alone. Travel writers who try to cover it “all” end up with a little bit of content to suit a lot of people a little bit of the time. That translates into few regular readers.

What’s the Difference Between a Reflowable E-Book, a Fixed Format E-Book, and a Responsive E-Book?

Ebooks have come a long ways since 2002 when they had just 0.05% of the marketplace! So, it’s likely no surprise that the technology behind ebooks has also come a long ways. This infographic introduces you to the three types of ebooks we see today.

Branding: What is it and why does it matter to writers?

Think of branding as a process of defining your writing with the hopes of creating brand loyalty. You can probably list dozens of brands you’re loyal to, from no-name tomato soup (price) to Pepsi cola (taste) to Stephen King (suspenseful experience). Each brand you favour has particular characteristics that you find consistently in the product, right? Ultimately, that product has a recipe that has been developed and marketed over time. You can do that, too.When you create your brand, you’re stirring together all of the things that make up your writing, past, present, and future.

FREE Tools to Help You Create a Blog Banner or eBook Cover

Do you know what you want for your ebook cover or blog banner, but don’t have the tools you need? I find that software for special purposes often costs a little more than I’d like to invest–so, my first go-to place is the Web to see what’s out here for free. Here are some of the tools I’ve used that will help you create the perfect header or book cover.

WARNING: Ignoring These Book Sales Statistics Could Seriously Impact Your Writing Income

So, to put the Nov/2015 ebook sales analysis done by K-Lytics in earning perspective for authors, if you had a romance novel and a nonfiction law book that both hit #1 in the period above, and earned $1 per book for each sale, you’d earn $6245 a day for the novel and $52 a day for the law book. Quite a difference, isn’t it? But there are more starting stats!

Make Money with E-Books: Writing & Publishing in the Digital Age

The October 2015 Author Earnings Report indicates that 165,000 top selling e-books on Amazon rake in 70% of the total e-book $$$ sales–and Amazon itself has about 73% of the U.S. e-book market. Of all those books, about 43% are from indie authors and another 2% are from uncategorized single author publishers. In other words, self-publishing is good for authors!