Run is an historical YA novel in the Nitty Gritty Reading series from Pearson Education.

It’s the summer of 1911 and Victoria’s life has changed dramatically in the past year. She doesn’t care much for her new stepmother, or her stepbrother Jacob; and for his part, Jacob longs for the farming life he had to leave when his father died. But when Victoria is struck down with a serious illness, both their lives take a new turn.

Both Victoria and Jacob narrate the story in alternating chapters.  Jacob’s mother, Alice, uses nursing skills based on Sister Kenny’s 1911 treatment of polio in Australia.

Awards & Honors

    • Run was a Finalist for the 2008 Saskatchewan Book Awards Young Adult award.
    • Run was given an E – Excellent – rating by Resource Links, indicating it “delivered a powerful message for the audience.”
    • CM Magazine gave Run a 4/4 star review, indicating “This duality of viewpoints gives the novel a wonderful balance of perspectives and provides readers insight into both major characters in this novel. Particularly beautiful is the juxtaposition of the events of the Wizard of Oz story with the events in the novel, itself.”

Buy an Autographed Copy of Run

You can order an autographed copy of Run from the online bookstore operated by members of Linda’s writers group.

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3 thoughts on “Run”

  1. This is a great book, I love it!! I have one question to ask you, why did you make 2 different points of view in each chapter?



    1. Rosa, I thought the story would be stronger with both Victoria and Jacob telling their stories, since they are such very different people. I hoped that sharing the Wizard of Oz while Victoria is healing from the polio would bring them together and help them get to understand each other.


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