Longhorns and Outlaws

Twelve-year-old Lucas Vogel has lost his parents in the 1900 Galveston Hurricane. Now, eight months later, he’s being dragged off to the frontier to chase longhorns instead of in school reading books and learning.

Longhorns and Outlaws by Linda Aksomitis

Lucas, a Pinkerton Agent-in-training, would rather be looking for outlaws than learning to ride a horse in the thick dust following a cattle drive.

However, Lucas soon discovers the buttes of Montana and the Big Muddy make great outlaw hideouts and he finds himself deeper into outlaw adventures than he’s ever imagined when he encounters the Sundance Kid.

But of course, Gil thinks he’s imagining things. Will his brother ever realize he’s growing up—or give him some say in their future?

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Published by Coteau Books, September, 2008, ISBN: 978-1550503784

Buy an Autographed Copy of Longhorns and Outlaws

Coteau Books, the print publisher of Longhorns and Outlaws, closed its doors. However, you can buy print copies of Longhorns and Outlaws from Our Little Bookshop, which is operated by Linda’s writers’ group.

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